O'Rourke's Private Stock

O’Rourke’s Private Stock is an Orlock gang. Pirates, the lot of ’em. Or drunkards. Dangerous pirate drunkards.

Gang Roster

O’Rourke’s Private Stock is comprised of the following members:

Name Characteristics Equipment, Skills & Injuries Cost Exp.
(Gang(er) Leader)

Boltgun, Knife

85 68

Flamer, Laspistol, Lobo-chip
Old Battle Wound
135 95

Plasma Pistol, Power Sword
Hand Injury (Right) (-3 fingers), Old Battle Wound
115 91

Autopistol, Hand Flamer

Fast Shot, Hip-shooting
60 22

Lasgun, Autopistol

65 74


(Gang Leader)

Plasma Pistol, Sword, Flak Armor

235 87

Lasgun, Knife

75 61


The following territories are held by this gang:

Territory Credits
Tunnels 10
Vents 10
Water Still d6×10
Slag 15
Guilder Contact d6×10

Retired Members

The following members have been retired from the gang, having been removed by force, killed, let go, sentenced to the pits, or otherwise:

  • Seamus – a Juve turned into a zombie after being attacked by O’Cairn after he turned zombie himself. Seamus was killed by O’Killian, who was awarded extra shots at the local watering hole for ending the plague within the gang’s ranks.
  • O’Cairn – a young juve who fell to a zombie bite after a heroic 4 round battle. He later turned after returning to the gang’s territories, starting a brief inner zombie-pocalypse. After biting Seamus, causing him to turn, O’Cairn was seen wandering into the night, never to return.
  • Smitty – Smitty was a veteran Heavy who’d seen more than a fair share of shoot-outs. After suffering an Old Battle Wound and Head Wound, and being fitted with a Lobo Chip as a result, Smitty made the unfortunate decision to take a solid hit from a Scavvy while too close to a 3-story balcony. A heavy stubber ensured his mass-on-impact ratio was more than enough to crush his skull. His Lobo Chip was left embedded in the plas-crete.
  • McMerrick – McMerrick died by bolt pistol from pit slaves. Funny, as he loved his bolt pistols. And hooch. Perhaps he loved his hooch too much that day. Or not enough.

Notable Events

  • During our bout with the recent uprising at the Mines, our beloved Captain McMeagan was captured by pit slaves! We’ll go after’im, a’course…… But, well, you know…. The slime cultures’ a’been needin’ harvestin’…. And Ole’ Guinness’s back has been actin’ up somethin’ fierce… Well, in the meantime, the boys all took a vote, and we decided to let McMerrick and Flanagan play a bit of dice to take the lead – temporarily, of course. Or, shoot each other. Whichever’s easier. Then, we figured out we left McMerrick back at the Mines with bolt pistol holes in his chest. So, it looks like Flanagan’ll be taking up the position. Temporarily.
  • A pox on those infernal suits an’ all their fancy, whiz-bang high-tech gear! You’d think The Family were Van Saar ilk for all the plasma they pack! They got Finnigan after burnin’ a lascannon-sized hole in his arse! We’ll go after’im, a’course…… But… ::Ahem:: Bloody Hell, they’ve got friggin’ lascannons!! Can’t save the world…. And this-here poker hand’s mighty fine…. Might call it a lucky streak, ya might… Who’s bet was it, again?
  • We’re thinking about putting up a statue for McCormick after standing up to ole’ Bull Gorg like he did. Boy, you should’a seen the look on Bull’s face when that hand-flamer lit him up! Hard to pat yerself out when ya got chainsaws for hands! Ha! McCormick got tore up pretty bad, but we here he’s makin’ a full recovery!

O'Rourke's Private Stock

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