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The denizens of Precinct 15 have lives much like those lived around the rest of the Empire which provide for a hard scrabble at the bottom. Many of the huddled masses do what they can to get by, largely staying out of notice. However, there are those who have carved out a piece of the precinct for themselves, and they are doing anything but hiding.

The Gangs

A number of gangs inhabit the precinct. Some operate within the law while others skirt the edges, staying one step ahead of both guilder watchmen and the Adeptus Arbites alike.

The Law

Given the lack of resources from the Empire, and the lack of interest from the Spire, what law does exist in Precinct 15 is, largely, self-administered by the inhabitants. The guilders and their watchmen see that most of the settlements remain calm for business and otherwise. However, whatever they cannot take care of, they call upon the Adeptus Arbites to dispatch armed squads to reclaim order. Such intervention is rare, but it does happen, and the Arbitrators are merciless in dispensing justice.

Main Page

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