Downhive in Precinct 15

Plague Zombie Purge!

A strain of something has overrun the broken down hab domes and darker crannies of Precinct 15. Settlements, guilder way stations, and, for crying out loud, whole drinking holes (!), have succumbed to the infection! The Arbitrators local representation have ordered the entire area quarantined and all abominations to the Emperor extinguished. Any sources of the plague are to be destroyed, and whatever of value participating “volunteers” find is theirs to keep.


Three gangs of approximately 1500 gang rating each came in search of whatever loot was left behind. Finding each other, they started shooting it out until they stumbled across the loot caches crawling with plague zombies. A tentative truce lasted just long enough for the Goliath gang to pick the floor clean with the loot while the others were tangling with the zombies before the tables and tide turned against them. With the Goliath leader carrying three loot counters and cutting himself free of zombies and the other two gangs, a pair of Delaque gangers gunned him down, thus ending the “truce”. Obviously there wasn’t a lot of “share and share alike”.

The Delaque followed up with some other hand-to-hand combat with the Goliath between two juves fighting over some loot in the walkway over a sump pool. It ended poorly for the both of them: the Delaque juve lost the hand-to-hand and, in doing so, fell into the sump pool and went under. However, the Delaque brought backup, and the Delaque heavy carrying a heavy stubber gunned down the Goliath juve, and the juve went out of action in a hail of bullets.

The Goliaths were largely ineffective, with their shots connecting to the incoming zombies, but not a single wound among them. One of the two Goliath heavies at the top of the central tower was atomized by a Delaque heavy’s lascannon. The Goliaths, with their few numbers dwindling from a poor showing in hand-to-hand with the zombies, landed some parting shots on the zombies, taking a couple down and following up with a coup de grace in hand-to-hand, but, ultimately, the Goliaths decide to bottle out.

Near the base of the brickwork tower a 3 vs. 2 hand-to-hand combat consisting of the Delaque leader and juve and 3 plague zombies began. It had started with another, different Delaque juve acting as bait and uncovering a hive of zombies. The zombies swarmed him and took him out of action. The leader and second juve came charging in to save him, but they were too late. (This juve that went out of action later became a zombie.) Instead, they got into the largest hand-to-hand of the battle where the Delaque leader was able to cut down two of the zombies before being wounded and the juve was able to take out the last zombie, saving the leader from a coup de grace.

The third gang, O’Rourke’s Private Stock, an Orlock gang, was out of a larger portion of the action, dealing with its own set of zombies and, occasionally, the Goliath. (The Goliath had the unlucky draw of being setup in between the Delaque and the third gang.) The most notable combat action they had before bottling was their leader was stuck in single combat with a plague zombie for four turns before finally felling it with his chainsword.

The Delaque, in the end, cleaned up, both in loot and the remaining zombies. Though they did leave a loot counter and a nest unpopped, they also did not bottle out, and ended up making off with 175 credits of loot in the process.

All plague zombies that were discovered were eliminated by the gangs. The zombies managed to infect one member of two different gangs, who were promptly chopped to pieces with chainswords by their brethren following the battle.

At the end of the battle, because the Delaque leader was still down, he ultimately ended up going out of action. His serious injury: captured! A prisoner of the plague zombies, he was dragged further into the depths with his gang in pursuit.



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