Downhive in Precinct 15

Hunting Escapees

Quarry in the Quarry

Further downhive at Metal Bend, the local Guilder that runs the quarry was losing output on his mine. As such, he sent in some local gangs to investigate the disturbance. Upon arriving the gangs find the quarry in full insurrection! Bull Gorg had come to liberate the pit slaves from their torment! Of course, no one believed it, because Bull Gorg, of course, had been executed a long time ago. Right?

Orlock highlights for O’Rourke’s gang:

McMeagan is captured by pit slaves
p. McMerrick died by bolt pistol from pit slaves
p. Finnegan is captured by Delaque The Family after sucking a shot of lascannon
p. McCormmick makes a full recovery after standing toe to toe with Bull Gorg



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